What Do Spray On Truck Bed Liners Do?

If you want to provide protection to the inner side of the truck bed from damage, then truck bed liners would be an ideal option. This in addition makes the cargo to stay in place by creating a skid resistant surface. There are actually two classifications of bed liners and these are the drop-in and spray on/in.

In drop-in bed liners, these are applied easily into the truck bed without requiring for preparation and can be removed easily as well for cleaning. Spray-on liners on the other hand need preparation to allow the coating stick correctly to the truck bed. The way how the coating adheres determines the lifespan for the coating.

Sprayed on, sprayed in, spray on or spray in are the interchangeably used terms in the industry which is available in 2 classes of materials and in 2 types of application processes. With regards to aliphatic and aromatic compounds, it can be applied via high pressure process which is heated and a low pressure process which isn’t heated. The performance relies greatly on initial surface preparation that’s done on the bed. Now, it’s possible to have color matching to your vehicle’s bed lining but with time, the color fades due to UV radiation.

Generally, aromatic is used for darker and black colors and at the same time, the least expensive option. On the contrary, aliphatic is the better choice for colors because it is more stable in UV exposure. It’s manufactured from pure polyurethane and because of that, this increases the cost to approximately 35 percent. The aliphatic materials may be sprayed in wide varieties of colors including metallic finishes.

There are many different methods in which spray on coatings for truck beds can be applied like by using cartridge driven by a high pressure or air compressor machine or roller. Environmental conditions just like temperature, elevation, wind and humidity might possibly affect the cure process of spray in bed liner. Things such as aperture, nozzle, spray pressure and thinners may be modified to be able to create proper distribution of spray lining chemicals. The spray on bed liner material may vary in both color and texture. The texture may be smooth to allow for an easy cleaning or rough to avoid skidding of cargo.

So long as the spray on coatings for truck beds are applied right, it can make the truck bed liner have the capability of resisting dents and even scratches while holding the shape firmly and still be flexible enough not to crack when driving on rough roads. When compared to metal beds, it can absorb vibration to create additional protection to the cargo.

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