Advantages of Hiring a Bookkeeper for Your Small Business If you are opening a small business, and have some background in accounting, have been successfully balancing your checking account, or are just plain good at math, you might survive without a professional bookkeeper. Otherwise, better not take the risk. Then again, even if you are good with numbers, doing your own accounting can make you lose focus on the business itself. Certainly, there will be online applications and ready-made programs that can help you DIY your bookkeeping, but the more important question is, “Is this the wise step to take?” Before you decide, read on and understand the following benefits to hiring a professional bookkeeper:
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Saving Time
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As an entrepreneur, you know how important your time is. Time you should spend increasing your business’ profits. If you were to do your own bookkeeping, and considering the fact that you are an amateur – which means you’ll probably be low on efficiency – how can you focus on your day to day operations? Time is not like energy. You can actually lose it. A Clearer Finance Perspective How much profit is the business making? What percentage of it is all yours? With a bookkeeper, you will be able to get a picture of your business finances anytime you want. A bookkeeper can show you real figures in real business reports. No need to guess as to the your business’ true financial position because you will have all the facts you need. No Tax Filing Stress No businessman likes the inevitable legal obligation called taxes. A bookkeeper will not only report the figures, but will also fill in the forms and file them, and manage your tax fund. AR and AP Management When you leave your bills and loans unpaid on their due dates, you’ll have to pay more interest as well as penalties. If this happens often, you will have tied up capital and a limited cash flow. Just by hiring a bookkeeper, you will be able to increase your profitability through the proper management of your accounts. Check and Balance A system of check and balance can help smooth things out when you’re working with a partner. Believe it or not, a bookkeeper can help you avoid straining your personal or business relationship. If there’s a third party looking into your transactions, there is less reason to doubt whether a certain department is overspending, or if sales are being reported correctly, and so on and so forth. Expert Bookkeeping Advice What percentage of the earning must be devoted to paying off debts? Will you be able to afford a new branch? These are some of the most common decisions you need to make as entrepreneurs. While not all bookkeepers are finance experts, their business training and exposure can offer you helpful insights.