Importance of Non-Destructive Digging|The Significance of Non-Destructive Digging|Advantages of Non-Destructive Digging It is important to note that in every construction project drilling and excavation is a must and a couple of years back most of the drilling and excavating was done using manual or mechanical methods which caused a lot of damage above and below the ground. An amazing fact to state is that non-destructive digging is a relatively new method of digging but one that has minor damage to the ground. By definition non-destructive digging is the process of digging the earth’s surface and causing no damage to the surrounding areas. It goes by other names such as hydro excavation, potholing or vacuum extraction and it is very famous due to its unique properties one of them being that it has a reduced risk of damage to the underlying assets and has a higher efficiency compared to mechanical excavation or drilling. An incredible fact to state is that the mechanism behind the process is precisely calculated and is an interplay of applying high water pressure jetting and a high vacuum loading. First the water pressure loosens and removes the soil after which the vacuum is used to remove the excess soil and water and water from the excavation site. The goodness with the process is that it is majorly automated with only a small element of manual input. This method applies to an array of industries such as municipal utilities, refinery plants, construction, mining, telecommunications, roads and traffic, electrical utilities, storage tanks, water and sewerage authorities and subsurface utility engineering. It is commonly applied to processes such as pit cleaning, potholing, non-destructive trenching, vacuum extracting, non-destructive excavation and pier hole digging.
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An irrefutable fact is that this method has many merits one of them being the fact that it reduces the damage done to underground utilities which are very commonplace these days and thus the number of pipelines, wires and cables passing below the ground are many thus are at risk of being damaged if most manual methods are used. It is true that the method also helps the drilling company avoid any legal issues related to damaging third party property in the process of digging and thus saves a lot of money which might have been used to pay the liability of such harm.
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The other merit is that the method increases work site safety because there is very little involvement in the manual or physical process and thus the process is less harmful to the workforce employed in the drilling area. It is important to note that the method is also very fast and precise since the machine is programmed to accurately execute the process in a fast manner thus saves time. The method applies to a host of other industrial or infrastructural processes and it is a favourite among civil engineers since their work involves excavating areas with many underground assets.