The difficulty of getting employment labor force were unemployed. Either they are graduates or high school. Not that they do not want to work, but they have not had the chance to work. This makes the number of unemployment everywhere. For tips in order to get a job, you can see through find out more.

Here is the cause of the difficulty of getting jobs everywhere.

Competition in the World of Work

The amount of competition in the world of work can make it difficult for job seekers to be able to get his dream job. For example, a company just opened eight positions, while applicants in these companies reached 100 people. This can make the candidates who did not pass the selection should be discouraged them to get jobs. Competition in the world of work is very tight.


The ability of a person are also included factors that make it hard to get a job. If you do not have the capability demanded by the company coupled with your education is still below the standard of the company, then you should think twice to apply to the company.

Easy to despair

Despair is the main cause of the difficulty of job seekers to find work. For example, because the educational background who do not meet corporate standards, a job seeker then decided to give up on the state. There is a saying that goes, “Those who succeed are those pliers relentless.”


In this case, the experience also determines whether you are eligible to work for the company or not. Experienced people are people who are familiar with the world of work and understand the ability that he possesses. Now, many companies require candidates who are experienced as employees. By doing so, the chances of getting a job for the fresh graduate dwindling.