Types of Hair Extensions

Every lady desires to look glamorous at all times, and one of the best ways of doing that is through hair makeups. In fact, you do not need to worry if your natural hair is not suitable for a particular fashion that you want to embrace. Fortunately, super hair factory manufactures different types of hair extensions, and therefore, ladies can choose what matches their style. Hair extensions are made from either natural hair or synthetic hair, and the natural hair extension is durable and expensive than synthetic hair which is comprised of majorly silicon and cannot withstand heat. This article discusses various hair extension types and helps you to understand them if you did not have any ideas about them.

Tape-in extensions – You will realize that a majority of people prefer this kind of hair extension and the most probable reason for this is that it is not complicated to fix and it needs little maintenance afterward. Fixing tape-in extensions involve using heat to stick them on the sides of your natural hair by an expert. Many people find them to be cost-effective as they are durable and you will need to install new ones after several months.

Clip-in extensions – These types of hair extension are easy to install, and they are more temporary than the rest of extensions. You can install the clip-in extensions quickly fix an appearance for a particular event that you were not prepared in time to attend and that makes them suitable for people who like to change their looks often. For that reason, your choice is not limited as they come in various colors, designs, and textures. Since they are less costly, you can purchase them and change whenever you want.

Weft extensions – These come in two types; hand weft extension and machine weft extension. It is recommendable to apply these hair extensions when you have weaved natural hair, and the installation process involves stitching. Weft extensions are not appropriate for weak hair, and therefore, you must precisely determine the nature of your hair. When you opt for weft extensions, you need to ensure that your hair is not weak as you can lose most of it during stitching.

Fusion extensions – These are made of natural hair, and they might be costly compared to other types of hair extensions. You can count on them to last a long time, and little maintenance is needed. If you maintain your hair correctly, fusion extensions can last several months.

It is crucial that you select a professional hair care specialist to install your hair extension. You can seek guidance from professional hairdresser so that you get what suits your needs and matches your style. Only let professional hairdresser do the hair extension installation.

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