Indian hair is known as the highest quality extension hair- primarily because it is often unprocessed and chemically untreated (referred to as virgin hair). The virgin type tends to last longer and provides diverse textures to suit your personal style.

So why are they so popular? If you simply look at it, you cannot help but notice how shiny it is- and chemicals are not used to make it shiny, it is simply a natural attribute as well as being naturally thicker, longer and stronger. As it has dark colour saturation, light gets reflected easily from the strands. That is not possible if the strands were to be a lighter colour. Since Indian women generally don’t damage their hair by using chemicals, colours or irons on their hair wholesale human hair extensions it is in much better health than may other types of hairs.

Another great quality about them is the way it blends beautifully with other types of hair and ethnicity. It is normally almost twice as long as other types, and is of a much better quality.

In addition, looking after your Indian hair extensions is easy. Simply look after them as you would your own hair. That means shampoo and condition when needed and apply premium quality oils and hair moisturisers to keep hair shiny, soft and manageable- however do not make the common mistake of washing them to often- this will lead to them drying out faster. Ensure you stay away from using products that contain alcohol as it will also dry out your hair.

When buying, look out for the following key aspects:
– Look for high quality, tightly sewn wefts that do not shed
– Do your research: the length, colour and body of the hair should be consistent with pricing norms for that type of quality hair
– Ensure they are full of body soft to the touch, with full healthy ends.