The Ultimate Guide to Marble Polishing

If you like your floors to look stunning and have a striking appearance, then you need to invest in marble floors that are polished. Marble floors are touted as one of the best floors, however, you need to polish them to see their real beauty. It is time-consuming to polish marble since you have to do the process patiently in order to get exceptional results. Large scale marble polishing is not a small feat hence you should contact a professional if you aren’t aware of the process.

Understand the effects of polishing and how it is to be done to get a good result before you actually begin the process. To get a perfect finish, you should have the right tools and skills needed for the job. There are two major methods that you can implement when it comes to marble polishing. All these methods have their own way of accomplishing and each has a different result. You need to have an idea of the method to use in advance just like professionals do before they commence working on a floor.

The first method, Vitrification, used in polishing makes use of a two-step sandwich method. This processes requires an acidic solution to be added to the marble and left to react with the calcium. Once the reaction begins, steel wool pads are implemented on the buffing machine to work on the marble floor. For you to get an even finish, you have to work carefully on the entire floors.
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While using this process, you should note that the spray usually contains an element that will alter the surface of the stone first. However, you shouldn’t panic at this point since it serves to make the stone stronger. Once this process is complete, a wax solution is applied to seal the results of the process in. This process is effective, however, just like any other process it too has some drawbacks. One of these is the airborne steel wool particles that are not only hazardous but could damage the structure of the floor.
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Another common processes used is known as crystallization. This method is pretty similar to vitrification with the only difference being that it makes use of powder instead of a spray. You won’t end up with acid or wax residues in this process after the cleanup. It is important that you seek the services of a professional during this process if you need the best result. Selecting the method to be used on your floors is an important thing to do and so is choosing the abrasives that should be used. Diamond abrasives are great for the resurfacing hence you should insist they are used when polishing your commercial or residential premises.