Top Rules Which Can be Used for the Prevention of Accusations on Excessive Use-of Force

As a police officer, your work is to protect and serve. Actually, an officer’s primary task is to ensure the safety of citizens. Nevertheless, when serving others, there are times you might have to use force to enforce the law. All officers of the law need to know how to do their work efficiently. Below are some of the things you need to be aware of when it comes to excess use-of-force to help you avoid accusations.

Only Use Legal Force
It is allowed for you to use force as permitted by the law. It is essential for you to do the best in your capacity when a situation calls for use-of-force. The best thing to do is try solving the problem as fast as possible. It is also necessary for you to remember all the things that are taught while you were at training. Nonetheless, it may happen that you will often have to think quickly in various cases. Whenever you have to do this, it is essential that you use legal force to the best of your capacity.

Write the Best Report You Can after an Incident Where You Used-Force
Whenever you use force, you need to consider that you might be sued for excessive use-of-force. Having said that, you should therefore take time to write a concise report each time you use force. You should not wait to do it later.

You Ought to Know the Law
As a police officer, it is always vital that you know the law in your state or country before you use any force on a suspect. If you have no idea about what the law says regarding the situation you are dealing with, you would rather not use force. This can help you avoid a lot of problems that may include legal accusations. You need to always pay attention to the kind of situation you are dealing with before taking any action. It is important to pay attention to the nature of the offense in relation to how the suspect and the officer met. Additionally, you need to consider whether there is an immediate threat and whether the suspect is evading arrest. All these factors are vital at establishing whether the use of force was necessary or not.

Know the Use of Force Policy
You will always find each department in the law enforcement industry with their own functioning policies. They all have policies that major on the use of force in the field. It is always important to first understand what your departmental policies have to say about using force. Following the right policies is important because the jury will always consider whether you followed the required protocol.

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