Find out How to Reduce the Hassle of Horse Transport

Spring is a season that is popular for horse transportation. Of all the seasons, this is the best time to embark on this venture. In fact, this is a season where most activities that are horse related are planned. Do not take this endeavor lightly as it is known to cause stress on horse. Preparation is a key factor if you are to have an easy time during the transportation. When you know the things that bring stress, then it will be easy for you to come up with an effective plan that will see to it that your horse arrives in a good condition.

Have a plan

When you are traveling a long distance, you should have a plan on how the venture will take place. The right kind of a plan should have not only traveling schedule but also time to relax. Do not drive your horse for over 12 hours as this could lead to stress and muscular fatigue. On the same note, in case you are traveling to a competition or performance you need to ensure that the horse has rested for at least 48 hours after a long journey. Doing this is essential as it will give time for the blood levels and hormones of the horse to stabilize.

Have enough water for the horse

During long transportation, you need to have enough water to give your horse. Horse transport especially the one that involves long trips are likely to cause the horse to be dehydrated. You can also make used of the electrolytes as they will help in keeping the hydration process steady and also give it enough energy to go through with the journey. It is also advisable to increase the level of electrolyte supplement intake at least two days before the transportation day.

Permit free access to hay

Hay is important for the horse that is traveling, it helps it to be able to keep water in the gut since it acts as a pacifier. For those using open track, it is best to be cautious as the dust coming from the hay can block the respiratory system of the horse. Wet the grass so that you can reduce the dust and ensure that the horse does not have difficulties feeding.

Get proficient with the loading procedure

Poor loading can bring both stress and frustrations to the horse. You should be well acquainted with the loading procedure. In fact, practice the loading as many times as possible using the horse even if you are not going anywhere. When you do this, you will have an easy time during the travel.
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