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In the UK banks are actually allowed to cost interest of over 21% in some cases. Different licensed lenders advertise on TV mind you, small loans at the equivalent of 26o%. That is insane usury designed to make banks rich with the approval of the state. Too many politicians are in teh pockets of the banks to make the simple change that can cast off this: Put a cap on interest rates to a MOST OF 8%. And don’t inform me that this is anti-capitalist.

That’s the reason I decided to cite a complete quote from Amilcar Cabral to make this level much more vivid, clear, life like and coherent that it reaches the deeper reaches and inner sanctum of the despondent Africans who are going through a serious assault from their very own elected authorities conniving with the Deep monetary pockets of Local capitalistic interests together with the International investors and natural mineral extracting multi-corporations thieves.

Fiduciary duty is the obligation to function in the best interest of one other social gathering. You as a board member are leading the organization. An important part of your management is the funds – even IF you aren’t the treasurer. Help your board. Help your group, implement tough modifications now before the changes are wanted.

The incoming African guerrillas which were ‘disappeared’ within the buildings of the Apartheid SADF, are the ones who have been dying in bigger numbers and nobody actually talks about this reality; or the truth that the incoming guerrilla outfits were and have been conditioned by the Apartheid Defense power, and had carved-out a niche for them within the mammoth ogre structure that is the SADF.