Why We Should Seek a Cosmetic Dentist for Teeth Whitening Procedures A sparkling, white smile is said to be more appealing than anything else. Despite that saying, we know for a fact that we can’t keep our teeth sparkling white without some help from our dentist. We need to emphasize the importance of letting a professional dentist administer teeth whitening procedures because nowadays, a lot of product on teeth whitening have come out that encourage people to do the teeth whitening procedures on their own. Teeth whitening done in a professional dental setting is a much safer and effective way to brighten your smile. It is also perhaps the most economical cosmetic dental procedure that is well beyond the DIY methods.
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When a professionally supervised whitening method is applied, it will not only works faster but also protect sensitive gums and tooth-root surfaces better. An oral examination has to be conducted by the dentist first before any teeth whitening procedure can be undertaken since the dentist needs to know the cause of your teeth discoloration, if it is a dental condition that needs immediate treatment or not.
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If you let untrained personnel apply teeth whitening solutions to your teeth in shopping malls, then there is a great risk to face. You will note that a lot of consumers find this convenient and because of their na?ve-te will be a willing client for kiosk operators. These kiosks are franchise owners so there are no dental professionals administering the procedures. These people give the impression that they are dental professionals since they dress up in medical garments, but the truth is, they are not dentists, RDHs (registered dental hygienist), or RDAs (registered dental assistants). In these kiosks the operators do not place the product in the patient’s mouth so that it makes their processes legal. Instead, the customer is the one who applies the breaching product to his own teeth. It can cause an irreversible damages to your teeth. High concentration of hydrogen carbanide peroxide (35 %) are found in the bleach used at these kiosks. This high concentration makes it extremely acidic which can ruin teeth enamel if not properly administered. Professional teeth whitening should always be done under the supervision of a doctor of dental surgery (DDS) where a dentist assesses patients, and decides on the advisability of bleaching, and prediction of outcome for each patient. Furthermore, the dentist will have knowledge of the oral anatomy, principles of patient care, and the possible dangers involved like gums that is not adequately protected or if there is the presence of a gum disease that must to treated first. It is troubling to see the increase of teeth whitening products directly available to consumers and the application of these products in different locations like malls, cruise ships, and salons, with very little assurance regarding its safety, dose, and the professional qualifications of the people involved in these non-dental settings.