English is considered as a universal language of communication across borders. So, if you are proficient in English, you will never be out of job. Having good command over english language, opens several doors of possibilities in the work front. You do not have to be a novelist, to be a writer. There are various kinds of English Writing Jobs, where your English writing skills can come of use. Some of the prospects are listed below:

Copywriter: Copywriters are in great demand in areas, where content copy need to be attractively written like content for websites, flyers, product packagings, ad campaigns and so on. Signing up with agencies can land you quick copywriting contracts. Also, freelancing can be an option with regular clients.

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Content writer: There are innumerable web pages and media publishing houses, who constantly recruit content writers for their pages on a daily basis. It can be a full-time or part time opportunity. This is the best English writing job, a writer can ever have! Everyday can be as exciting as the previous day. With new projects everyday, you have ample scope to polish your writing skills. And also, new projects give new topics to write on. This is anything but a monotonous job. Also, as a content writer, everyday is a learning day. Researching and writing new articles every day, increases your knowledge on every possible field, thanks to the assorted topics allotted to you, by your clients.

Curriculum developer: Educational institutions recruit curriculum developers to research and write study guides, examination papers, web content, textbook contents and other learning materials. This writing job will also increase your overall technical knowledge while researching on academic subjects.

Translator: If you know English and any other language, you will be a good fit for this writing job description. Translators make big bucks with various online opportunities available as full-time or part-time options. This has become a whole new industry now.

Columnist/Blogger: You can be a columnist/blog-writer in any of the daily newspapers/media websites. This is a dream job for many writers, to become a regular columnist in any top-selling newspaper/news website. You can reach out to the masses far and wide, with your writing skills, via print or web. Popularity is something that shadows you in this job.

Technical writing: This is another English writing job to be considered. If you have sound technical knowledge along with your language skill, you can consider this job. This way you can utilize your technical knowledge along with staying in touch with writing good content. Technical writers are in great demand these days. Since it is a rare combination, you can easily find a job as a technical writer. Also, technical writers tend to earn more compared to other genre writers.