Large and small businesses handle confidential information on a daily basis. It’s all too easy for this data to get into the wrong hands due to a customer looking at the computers, a hacker breaking into a network, or a virus stealing the confidential information off the computers. Business owners need to ensure their files are password protected to help guard against the theft of confidential information but will want to ensure they choose to use personal passwords instead of a master password.

Master Passwords Need to Be Changed When Anyone Leaves

When an employee leaves to find work elsewhere, they won’t just forget the password for the business. If a master password is employed, it will need to be changed to prevent unauthorized access by the former employee. Personal passwords are often better in this situation as the former employee’s password can be disabled without impacting any other employees. No one will have to learn a new password every time an employee leaves.

Master Passwords Do Not Allow Tracking of Issues

When each employee is given their own username and password, it can help determine who was logged into what computer and when. If there is a security issue, it can be easier to narrow down who was using the computer when the issue occurred. This can help put a stop to unauthorized access through re-education if necessary or to determine if an employee is not following security protocols designed to protect the data.

Master Passwords Often Aren’t as Secure as Personal Passwords

Because everyone in the business knows the master password, they just aren’t as secure. They might be easier to remember so all of the employees know what it is and won’t forget it. If one employee does forget it, another employee might tell them what it is where a customer could overhear. Instead, with personal passwords, a forgotten password will need to be reset as no one else will know what it is.

If you’re looking for a way to secure your files for your business, remember that every employee having a password that’s unique is going to be far more secure than one password for everyone. Take the time to speak with a security expert today if you need help setting up a secure system with personal passwords for everyone. This will help you keep the confidential data you collect confidential.