Functions of a Salon System

With upcoming salons each day, the beauty industry has been experiencing stiff completion. Employing beauticians and investing in modern furniture in your salon does not guarantee success, but rather what you will do differently from the rest of the beautician in the market. A salon system is an important system that will help in running the business, including staff training and marketing. There will be increased profits and a tremendous business growth once the business owner invests in a salon system, and an organized way of running the daily activities of the salon. Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in a salon software.

One major function of a salon system is appointment scheduling where your clients will be able to book an appointment online, or your employees can book for them. It becomes easier to manage daily activities with the system. It will be easier to calculate commissions for employees as the system assigns each employee his/her clients and the system calculates the commission. Once a customer makes a booking, the system collects the contacts and automatically sends reminders days before the booked date.

The point of sale system will assign clients to specific employees who specialize in the particular service the client is looking for. To make work simpler and save time, the system admin can set defaults functions such as defining each employee and his/her functions such that every time a client makes a booking, the system allocates the client to an employee who specializes in the service the client is interested in and compute all his commission at the end of the day or month.

The system also has the capability of preventing appointment bookings when employees are away for leave or lunch break. The system allows the user to mark unavailable days so as the client sees them as unavailable slots.

Another major function of a salon point of sale system is billing. All activities from booking to checking out are taken care of by the system. This minimizes cases of cash mishandling especially in cases where employees receives cash and writes a manual receipt.

It is easy to record and keep the inventory record of salon products and equipment. Stock taking becomes an easy task with salon system. The process of replenishing the products is automated and the system alerts the user when the products needs to be restocked, ensuring that the salon is running smoothly. Once the products hits the reorder level, the user generates a purchased order, receives goods, ensuring there is a smooth running of the salon.

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